December 1, 2019

Usul al-Karkhi

Abū al-Ḥasan ‘Ubayd Allāh ibn al-Ḥusayn al-Karkhī was born in the year 260 A.H. and died in the year 340 A.H. Karkh is a town located on the western bank of the Tigris in Baghdad. He was a student of Abū Sa‘īd al-Barda‘ī (who was a student of Ismā‘īl ibn Ḥammād who was a student of Ḥammād ibn Abī Ḥanīfah). He had many students among whom Abū Bakr al-Jaṣṣāṣ and al-Shāshī are better known. Karkhī’s influence is visible very clearly in the works of al-Jaṣṣāṣ.